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I have a wide range of interests – from ballet to traditional archery.On our farm, we are first-generation farmers, with registered Red Angus cattle and honey bees.We started dating right after graduation and both moved away from home for college.It was during this time we realized what a blessing the lifestyle of farming had provided for the both of us.Three generations work together on our farm to raise beef cattle and grow a variety of crops.I take it upon myself to share the truth about agriculture because there is a lot of false information out there, and I want consumers to know the facts.As a teacher, I love teaching my students about farming through hands-on experiments like hatching chickens in our classroom or gardening.Because most people do not have a connection to farmers, I want to take what I’m doing in the classroom to a bigger scale in our community. I’m not only saturated in the day to day operations with my husband, but also local producers as I provide federal crop insurance.

Facebook: Hamilton Farms LLC Our Farm: beef cattle, honey bees My Work: farmer, wife My Hobbies: cooking, hunting, leather works, reading, sewing, theater performance Ask Me About: organic and local food, sustainability About Me: My husband and I are together almost all of the time.Our Farm: beef cattle, corn, cotton, oats, peanuts, sorghum, wheat My Work: farmer, wife, mom, speech therapist My Hobbies: arts and crafts, baking, cooking, overall fitness, photography, running Ask Me About: animal welfare, GMO foods, sustainability About Me: I grew up as a farmer/rancher’s daughter.Growing up, we were given responsibility, which made me think farming was the last thing I wanted to do as an adult.Our Farm: alfalfa, corn, cotton, sorghum, wheat My Work: farmer, wife, teacher, coach My Hobbies: cooking, fitness, photography, travel, writing, yoga Ask Me About: farm ownership, food prices, food safety, GMO foods, sustainability About Me: I didn’t know much about agriculture until I met my husband at Texas Tech University and we got married.Although I’m fairly new to the farm, I’m learning more every day.

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