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Known as the original “Snakemaster” from his various television shows, Austin Stevens is one of the most famous herpetologists in the world.From his show Austin Stevens: Snakemaster on Animal Planet to his many appearances in the media, Stevens is known as an incredibly smart, yet incredibly insane animal lover.I wasn't quite so enthralled when he got into the mammal section toward the end of the book. I wondered why he was messing with them when his expertise clearly lies with reptiles. Unfortunately, he had to ruin the last few pages with his view that the world is overpopulated and we're ruining the earth, etc.

by Austin Stevens (Skyhorse Publishing 2014) (Biography).

From wrestling with a reticulated python to panicking after being bitten by the infamous Gaboon viper, Stevens brings you into his world of wildlife and tells the story of how a boy from Pretoria, South Africa, became one of the most widely known herpetologists in the world.

With incredible photographs taken by Stevens himself, you’ll be able to place yourself in his world—from the deserts of Africa to the jungles of Borneo.

I'd set it down for periods of time and not go back to it for a few days. There's a rollar coaster sense of going from one adventure to another; you can imagine a worldly herpetelogist regaling a table at a bar in this fashion.

But it makes it tough to build a larger sense of narrative or personal development.

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