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A PTMC (Prevention of Transmission from Mother to Child) programme is implemented in 11 hospitals, 2 maternity wards and 87 health centres of the Catholic Church of Burundi.This project is funded by Cordaid (Caritas Netherlands). Caritas responds to the needs clearly expressed by the beneficiaries themselves.One of the cultural highlights – and most noteworthy tourism exports – are ‘les Tambourinaires de Burundi’ the traditional drummers. The muzungu sincerely hopes that Burundi will join the East Africa Tourist Visa party one day. PO BOX 2110, Bujumbura, Burundi Telephone: 257 222 23 262 / 257 222 15 078 / 257 71133095 Fax: 257 222 24 055 / 257 222 15 077 Email: [email protected]: Caritas Burundi Twitter: Caritas_Burundi Burundi was founded by the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Burundi on and recognised on 20 July 1962.Those regarding the social and economic reintegration of repatriates include the Agricultural Services Sector Project (PASA) funded by the French Embassy, and the DRABIAF project (farm income diversification) funded by Trócaire (Caritas Ireland).

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During the competition, the students were staying in a dormitory on the Trinity Washington University campus, but a Univeristy spokesperson said FIRST Global had full responsibility for the students.

Sadly, few people will travel to Burundi until the political situation is resolved.

When it is, here are the muzungu’s Burundi travel tips!

The Muzungu’s top reasons to travel to Burundi I loved visiting Burundi.

My Burundian and Rwandese hosts treated me like royalty; I will never forget their kindness and hospitality.

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