Chronic pain dating sites

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He said this was called degenerative disc disease, something that tended to develop with age.

He also thought my condition might not get much worse, so it was best to try to deal only with the pain.

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Most recover with rest and painkillers, but some will need surgery.

Wear sunscreen every time you are in the sun and keep your sun exposure to 20 minutes at a time.

Dr Mark Ware, from the Research Institute of the Mc Gill University Health Centre in Montréal, said: 'This is the first and largest study of the long-term safety of medical cannabis use by patients suffering from chronic pain, ever conducted.'We found that medical cannabis, when used by patients who are experienced users, and as part of a monitored treatment programme for chronic pain over one year, appears to have a reasonable safety profile.' Dr Ware's team found patients with chronic pain who used the drug daily for one year, under careful monitoring, did not have increased serious adverse effects compared to pain patients not taking the drug.

I couldn't bend over to put on my socks and I'd get huge spasms and fall to the floor, unable to move until a doctor came to give me Valium.

By Christmas that year I'd developed sciatica, too.

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