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“I thought I would have more time to say goodbye.”But she has no regrets about Troy La Ferrara, whom she confessed to murdering, or about the 22 other people in at least four other states she claims to have killed. Last week her attorney filed a motion asking a judge to rule that she did not torture La Ferrara before killing him, in an effort to take the death penalty off the table. She became an international headline after she told a local reporter on Valentine’s Day that she was a serial killer.Since then, the teen mom from North Pole, Alaska, has been a constant source of media speculation.If he had done the right thing at that moment, she says, he would still be alive.“Instead, he told me that it was OK.” He still wanted to have sex with her.“The justice system doesn’t work, so I did what I did.”That’s why she believes La Ferrara deserved to die.

Miranda says that as La Ferrara’s hand slid higher up on her thigh, she said the code words, expecting Elytte to pounce, but he did nothing. Police say she pulled a knife from the side pocket of her car door and plunged it into La Ferrara’s chest, again and again, 20 times.We have tons of personal ads in Jacksonville, NC, meet someone today! A few weeks ago, Miranda Barbour decided to kill herself.Or maybe you need to see a terminal map to see where your airline's gate is.i Fly helps passengers book their flights, arrive at the right time, park in the right place, get through security, and board their plane without delays, by being armed with the right information to make air travel less stressful.

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