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The new vocalist was confirmed as Edith Frances, My Space, Facebook,, Twitter, Sound Cloud, You Tube,,, Bandcamp,, You Tube,,,,, Wikipedia too cool for school, Crystal Castles look and sound amazing, propelling trance beats and electro synths over a Goth rock aesthetic that's equal parts visceral, exciting and alarming when experienced live ...

their debut album is a 10/10 game changer, second album suffered a bit by comparison , just released third album sees them returning to their thrilling best. There's a lot to say here, so I'll try to keep it short and get the obvious outta the way: I don't mind sampling, everyone does it, but they were so snotty about the way they did it.

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Their second album, although very different, is just as much a masterpiece as the first. Do I live under a rock and haven't heard other electronic music? We've heard all these sounds and beats a billion times before. You're trying to look like you rock and don't give a fuck.

) I was expecting something a lot edgier, more challenging and difficult.

And while there is the occasional strange wig-out and the vocals are often quite harsh and dischordant, large parts of the album are fairly conventional melodic electronica, and really quite gentle at that, you could almost say ambient!

Finally comes track 16 which is a welcome change and for the first time we hear some soft guitar.

In short, there is enough on here to make a very good 10 track album but unfortunately it outstays its welcome.

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