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That had never happened to me before that organically — especially over and over again.I’m sobbing and Tony’s sobbing and that wasn’t in the script. So maybe somebody will see this and think, “oh, she can do other things! Horror is not easy, I’d love to see some of these girls that make million a movie step into these 0 a day, low budget movies where you work fifteen hours in freezing conditions, covered in blood, in the middle of nowhere while not sleeping. [laughs] PW: What was the hardest scene to film in this movie?and she’s going to take her clothes off – she’s really not a little girl any more!” This the first time I was given an opportunity to say, it’s not about me running and screaming any more – it’s character stuff.PW: And Marybeth is very different in this one since she’s coming from a place of revenge. I shot a scene in this movie and went up to Adam after and said, “I love this, no one will ever f*** with me ever again” I’m not going to be the victim any more.” Sometimes when you play something once, it’s all they see you as.

Danielle: I couldn’t believe the stuff that was coming out of me.

In 1988, a then 11-year-old Danielle played Jamie Llyod, Michael Myers’ niece who became consumed by his spirit in “Halloween 4” and stabbed her foster mother.

Since reprising that role in part five one year later Danielle has clung tight to the horror genre and to the fans who call her a queen.

So I feel really good in this world, that’s why I stay. PW: I know a few years ago you gave Jamie’s clown costume to a fan — what’s the best piece of memorabilia you still have? At a convention I signed my cheerleading jacket from Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” and they sold it on e Bay.

Danielle: I have a jacket that Damon Wayans gave me on “The Last Boyscout” that says my name and “Homey Cheeze Whiz Kid” on the front and “Homey Don’t Play That” on the back. They always say, “we need to keep it for a sequel” and then I see it on e Bay! I would have really liked that – but I didn’t get it.

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