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This page also has fairly complete list of good reading for folks interested in Stanley tools and vintage tools in general available in the Reference Materials section near the bottom of the page.

The vintage tool data below is incomplete with regard to exact dates for each tool, but as I continue to research these old tools through various internet and print resources, I'll try to supply accurate information regarding tool "type" or date-of-manufacture. Used for smoothing and surfacing of wood, and edge jointing preparation.

Adjustable Block Plane Equipped with adjustable throat and cam-lock cap. Early production features screw-type depth adjustment. When the company introduced this version of the no. Millers Falls used the same illustration for the low-angled nos.

Shipped with additional pointed cutter (1/2 inch wide) and fence by 1949.

Open-Throat Router Includes an attachment to close the throat for use on narrow surfaces. Earlier models shipped with 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch cutters.

Understand that the Stanley equivalents listed are what might be termed "close matches" and that some details of the planes are not necessarily identical. Earlier production features cocobolo knob—tropical hardwood comes later.

Adjustable Block Plane Non-adjustable throat, with cam-lock cap and screw-type depth adjustment.

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