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Trailer footage shows him topless and banding a drum, apparently in a ritual to summon the beast; he promised that the series is all true, with 'no BS'.Other episodes include a visitation from a poltergeist that left him in no doubt about an afterlife, Lowe said.Drumming up success: Lowe (seen in the series apparently holding a ritual to summon the beast) said the 'ape' marched up to his heavily armed group of ex-military trackers and left him cowering on the floor in fear for his life'We’re 100 miles from the nearest town,' he recalled.

A well-preserved toe bone shows the characteristically bipedal feature of a base designed for hyperextension while walking, and bony protrusions that serve as muscle-attachment sites on the pelvis are similar to those found in more advanced hominins.

There are, however, some dental features in common with later hominins.

The rest of the body also combines ape and human traits, but the lower limbs are clearly meant for walking.

Interestingly, ; most conspicuous is a thickening of tooth enamel that becomes characteristic of all later hominins.

In addition, the ankle and knee are specialized for upright walking.

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    The falcons are identified, banded and entered into a database which makes it possible to track the birds’ activities over their lifetimes, adding to what we know about this once-endangered species.

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