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Or just buy or rent one of the cabins around the world to be your safe house, where you can rest up, recuperate, stash your loot, customize your character or fast travel to other destinations accessible to you.

Maybe you want to be an explorer, discover uncharted realms, find hidden treasures, piece together ancient stories and become known as a trailblazer this the brave new world? We will launch WWO with a large map featuring wilderness, settler encampments, lone farms, small settlements, large towns, train stations, gang hideouts, landmarks – and bizarre uncharted places of an "unknown nature" that curious explorers will be drawn to seek out.

Why not start building the game that we wanted to play. For the first time we’re sharing our plans and vision with the public, and we need your feedback to a) prove that this is something that PC gamers want to play, and b) to help us mold the experience into something that you would want to keep playing. How you play the game and how you interact with other players is up to you. But be ready to fend off those who would rather let you do all the hard work then try to steal your claim.

WWO's many and diverse dynamic gameplay systems will accommodate a variety of different play styles and moral dispositions. Of course, if you're a little wet behind the ears in a gunfight, you could always hire other players to protect you.

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One that keeps you up at night because you just go to do that “one last thing!Your actions in this world WILL affect your reputation, which will define how other players and NPCs view and treat you.Murder someone in town without justification and you'll be marked as a bandit/outlaw for a period of time. In these scenarios you may want to think twice before heading into civilization or getting to close to any lawmen or bounty hunters.We had access to technology that would allow us to create vast, intricate open-worlds populated with live players and NPCs.We have great relationships with a pool of top-tier local development talent happy to offer their services.

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