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(If you are reading this and thinking, yeah like who has time for fun…then you DEFINITELY need some GF time!) If ever there were a prescription to fix a broken heart, a loss in life, a health scare, or just a sh***y time in life, it would be to hang out with one of your dear girlfriends!With minimal funds and maximum effort, we set off in October of 2011, with a cast and crew of 20, to film a pre-trailer to give investors a sense of our vision.The script continues to be refined as more and more people join our quest.When both parties happen upon a desert town, they cross paths with sheriff Frank Stubbs, and rodeo queen Darlene Flowers as one man’s soul hangs in the balance.Production Team: Writer/Director: Jeff Rowles Producer: Sarge Sargis Director of Photography: Steve Riddle Producer: Andy Bransford Costume Designer: Gwendolyn Beemen Music by Emil Amos of OM, Grails, and Holy Sons About the Production: “The inspiration for this film is larger based on Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca’s “Duende”, as well as the writings of Henry Miller and the work of Alejandro Joderowsky.Studies show, having meaningful friendships and dedicating special time for spending with girlfriends can boost health and make us live longer!One reason I think it’s so important is because we as women share with other women on a different level than with our spouse or family.

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I urge you to plan something fun with one of your friends in the next week or two.

It does boast one of the largest memberships of its type on the web.

As typical with most sites of its type, Age Match offers free basic membership for signing up and posting your profile.

They keep us grounded and make us laugh and can be both brutally honest and be our soft place to fall.

They are our therapists, our dating counselors, our motivators, instigators of fun, and our great cheerleaders in this crazy life.

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