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The JLS boys, some of them are still with my management and I bump into them, and Alexandra Burke I saw her, she was in the same theatre as me not long ago." “It’s eight years ago now so we don’t really meet for coffee or anything like that," she adds.

“Obviously I knew him from the band The Wanted," she says, "but we met properly for the first time working on Big. “I can do a little bit of dancing, on a night out when I’ve had a few glasses of champagne I’m fabulous, but I do get nervous.

Olly, 31, is having fun with reportedly newly single Diana, 24, and the pair are said to have an "obvious attraction" to each other, The Sun reports.

A source explained: "They've always had a soft spot for each other.

It comes despite comments made by the show host Simon Cowell that the pair were "just a couple of kids in love", and despite a picture of them sharing a passionate embrace after the final show on Saturday.

"He has clearly fallen hook, line and sinker for Diana but she seems a bit more wary at the moment.

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