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People use drugs and alcohol for many reasons – to relax, have fun, socialise, cope with problems, escape life or dull emotional/physical pain.

Using substances to cope doesn’t make problems go away, and can make them worse or add new problems to the mix.

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Anal Training, Cum Play, Leather, Masks, Wet & Messy, BDSM, Foot Fetish, Outfit This girl is fantastic!!!Some substances are more highly addictive than others.Some people are more likely to become addicted to a substance depending on mental, physical and lifestyle factors. no costume leather or latex love anything naughty, when I Rp I like it... I am especially into taboo subjects but not under-aged. look me up Sounds like a lineup, but for the curious, Asian, male, about 5'7 or 170cm tall, average build (probably from the running/general purpose exercise), with black hair and brown eyes. hi I'm here for some naughty Rp with a dirty old man naughtier the better, love it when a guy sends me a pic of a sluty outfit to fuck me in, its even better when it shows a little ass.

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