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This is the cause of the whole problem In this case I was logged out when I got the achievement of who I side with 2 days prior to me logging in and playing and killing the high dragon, and when the achievement registered about the high dragon, it adjusted the achievement of who I sided with when getting the urn 2 days prior which thus in turn made it look like I had gotten both the cultist and high dragon achievement at the same time.So he was saying because of that It was impossible to have gotten the achievement with the cultist 2 days earlier because it already would have shown it...If you still have trouble after trying everything here in this guide, please fill out the your character's name, portrait, class, race and achievements) from data uploaded from your games.

I lost all of my achievements displayed on my profile because I decided to reroll my character (but the new ones I got on said character are shown); even though they're all displayed just fine in game.

I personally would just wait until the next game comes out and worry about making changes then, once they prove to me they are actually going to use this stuff and keep the same method for importing.

I have seen too much modification to the import system over the games from DA: O, to DA2, to DAI to get all worried about what did or didn't tick on a tracking site.

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My online profile is not updating my progress at all, the character is uploaded but still says i'm level 1 and have no stats, as if I'd just started the game. Also, I can't take screenshots myself, when I press printscreen, nothing happens.

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