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His supporters have also claimed that Voegelin restored meaning to history, creating a rival to Arnold Toynbee's .

His magnum opus is regarded by partisans in terms of scientific scholarship combined with theological insight.

Jaspers had a degree of affinity with the outlook of Hegel, and attempted a critical reconstruction of Kantian themes.

His philosophy of transcendence was sympathetic to Buddhism, and he is said to have become a monist. "Jaspers felt himself personally threatened by Heidegger's infamous decision to support the Nazis, as he was married to a Jewish woman" (Chris Thornhill, Karl Jaspers, 2011). The First Intellectual History of Ancient Israel 4. 200 BCE, in which the foundations of world religions were established, a process he conceived in terms of an advance towards the universal. Moving at a tangent, Jaspers emphasised, e.g., a spiritual process occurring between c.800 to c.However, it was not merely the "will to power" that aroused his disdain.Although a Lutheran in his upbringing, Voegelin came to distrust the ecclesiastical establishment.

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