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"Sometimes I think there's an expectation that disabled people will only date other disabled people," the activist explains, while discussing her own experiences on dating sites."I've got no problem with that, but there's an idea that a disabled person can't possibly be loved and desired by a person without disability.Despite this, there are a small number of sites dedicated to helping people with a disability to find love and even fewer (if at all according to SBS's search) that have smart phone-specific applications.Findlay says this is disappointing as is the assumption that people with disabilities only want to go out with other people who have a disability.Meanwhile, only seven per cent of female survey participants and 15 per cent of men said they would marry someone with physical disability.There's also a higher rate of separation if one member of the couple has a disability in India, as some conceal their disabilities until after the marriage becomes official.In the list, DJ Mag said: “A truly unique venue in the heart of chaotic New Delhi, Kitty Su is one of a kind in every respect.Socially it’s one of the Indian capital’s strongest voices in the LGBT community, balancing the high-life spirit with an accessible party vibe.” The hotel staff underwent a sensitisation training for the evening, and also made special arrangements including the setting up of a red carpet and ramps directly at the club’s entry for the convenience of people on wheelchairs.

Working with underprivileged children with disabilities, we believe that every child is special and talented that is just looking for a chance.

"And so this app, [if introduced in Australia], might make it easier for disabled people to find love.

"Dating as a disabled person is hard and I truly wish people who use mainstream dating apps were more open to getting to know disabled people." However, Findlay expressed concerns about the app in India, as it was founded by two people who do not have disabilities.

To counter the social stigma surrounding dating people with disabilities, two entrepreneurs in India have since created 'Inclov': a matchmaking online application to help people with disabilities and health disorders to find love.

Working in a similar manner to most other dating applications, the app matches users on age and location, while adding disability type and medication.

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