List of russian dating sites

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I wanted to dedicate a thread to online dating sites and social networks that help us meet foreign women, since it's a common request from guys about to hit the road.If you know of a site, please list the country or area of the world where it would be useful on. If you want to get at the normal non pros who are not Maria passaporte (gringo chasers), go to or or even orkut.On the other hand, we were not as forgiving of his advertising some of our competitors, who we believe are engaged in fraudulent business practices. We sent Jim the following interview questions, and he has not answered these questions. Perhaps in the future at some point he will answer, and we will post his answers here.One thing about including the Gold List and his advertisements – like most online dating review resources, most of Jim’s listings seem to be affiliate deals, where he takes a cut of the profits of the companies he features. Or maybe this post explains some of the background.We would be happy to publish his answers to our interview questions as well.

Im gonna wait till my pics get approved to try and send any messages. Do you have to pay money to send messages on Colombian Cupid?

Unfortunately, what we have heard from our members regarding their past experience, backs up the anecdotal research that anyone can do by search for the names of the agencies he is advertising and reading the customer reviews.

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General rule of thumb is that if she asks to pay for her taxi as a condition to come and meet you or asks you to but some credit for her mobile phone before you even meet then she is P4P. Here's my plan so far: Basic profile (not going to spend anything) on

Thankfully asking for money is strictly against the rule of the site and there is a reporting mechanism which you can use to report her. Going to get my wing to take some good pics of me suited up and in more casual clothes, specifically for the profile.

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