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Police fear that Baksheev found victims by setting up meetings on dating websites.His wife is reported to have been shown the faces of missing women in southern Russia and identified dozens who she claimed were their victims.It is believed she was killed in a forest nearby and her dismembered remains were carried to his home by Baksheev in a backpack.Both suspects have been detained pending further investigations.

I thought pictures were real.'Baksheev came looking for the phone.'The man looked homeless.Baksheev and his spouse stored human remains in their fridge and freezer as well as a cellar, according to sources in the Russian Investigative Committee, which examines serious crime in Russia. The couple also apparently preserved some 'meat' in jars, with one image showing what is alleged to be human remains pickled in a jar.Some 19 remains of 'human skin' were also discovered which had been 'removed from dead people'.'It is useless talking to him.'His eyes are made of glass.'He is looking through your body and does not listen.' Yesterday it was reported the alleged 'cannibal family' had admitted to killing and eating at least 30 people over a period of 18 years.Police are understood to have found eight body parts, and are checking for more human remains to assess the veracity of the confessions.

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