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Almost immediately introduced in the Catholic States of Europe, the change was only adopted in Great Britain in 1750 (Calendar Act) and put into operation two years later, whilst at the same time the beginning of the legal year was changed from March 25 to January l. that 1314 is an important date not only in the Templars History but in the Royal Order of Scotland ones as well, as being the Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn (see Lindsay, The Royal Order of Scotland, pp. Further codes are alluded to in various books such as : a 1000 code which should correspond to Anno Depositionis, used in Royal and Select Masters documents; a 2000 code found on Royal Arch documents of Irish origin, quoted in Jones Freemasons Book o( the Royal Arch, p. Even experienced masonic authors got confused with this. 41: This he (Grasse-Tilly) had certainly achieved by 21st February 1801 if not before because the official Bulletin of the Supreme Council 33 for the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction U. Pierre de la Martinique (French Windward Islands) on 24 June 1750 (typewritten transcription by Bro. 13381 A, published in Villard de Honnecourt, Tome X, 1974) whose article 37 prescribed: The month of June is the first month of the Scottish Lodge.In Scotland January 1 had been in use for New Years Day since 1600. 216: In Ireland, this 11th Day of May 1795 & of Royal Arch Super Ex. Under Calendar we can read in Mackeys Encyclopedia of Freemasonry (p. The French Minutes preceding these Reglements indicate that they had been drawn up on the model of Rglements handed over by the Most Respectable and Perfect Lodge of Scotland in Bordeaux.Our current chronology, the one we use every day, provides one of the two main bases used by masonic codes. The first month of the given year, which is mostly indicated as part of the 4000 year code, refers to the month of March, not January.

Our site is dedicated to bringing together Brothers and Sisters of Freemasonry who share the values of the Masonic Fraternity.L.) - "In the year of Light." To arrive at this date they add 4000 to the common time, as the Earth was believed in conventional theology to have began in 4000 BC . Royal Arch Masons date time from the year the second temple was commended by Zerubbabel. I.) ,which means "In the year of Discovery," is the terminology used by Chapters.This adds 530 to the common time, therefore the year 2007 becomes 2537.This makes precise dates very difficult to ascertain. King Baldwyn assigned them residence in a part of his palace which stood near the former site of the Temple of Solomon. (Some historians believe it to be 4004 years before the Common Era.) Historical Significance: Anno Mundi also begins with the date of the creation of the world, but is based upon the older, Hebraic (Hebrew) calendar, which begins the civil year in September rather than the Gregorian calendar in use by us, today which begins the new year in January. Historical Significance: Tishri; Tisri - tish'-re, tiz'-re: Tisri, or Tishri, is the 7th month of the Jewish ecclesiastical, and the first month of the Hebrew/Jewish civil year. The Abbot and Canons of the Temple gave them a street between the palace and the Temple in which to store their arms and magazines. Math: The Masonic calendar used by Royal and Select Masters is found by adding 1000 to the current year; thus, the current year (as of this writing), 2010 C.

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