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It isn’t unusual for state authorities to target individuals for online dissent.Last December, a handful of Iranians in the fashion industry were prosecuted for posting pictures on social networking sites such as Instagram, which officials argued promoted “Western culture.”In January, officials in Iran’s Hormozgan Province shut down around 80 Telegram channels and arrested 32 people managing those channels, according to Iran’s semi-official ISNA channel, accusing them of “spreading lies, disturbing public order, creating fear and promoting immoral and anti-cultural material.”And in February, Iran’s conservative Fars News Agency reported that authorities detained several administrators of Telegram channels. from Tehran a few months ago, said she and her colleagues scour popular Iranian Telegram channels to make sure comments they made on Facebook or Twitter have not been republished there by channel administrators.“My friends in Iran, when they see their tweets republished in these popular channels that talk about politics, they worry.That could pose a problem for Telegram, which touts itself as a messaging app that protects user privacy and insists “politically motivated censorship” goes against its founders’ principles.

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Before Rahmani was arrested, a conservative news site published a screenshot of his post on its Telegram channel, which accused him of “siding with individuals engaged in security crimes,” the Center for Human Rights in Iran reported. business newsletter »Telegram insists it isn’t cooperating with the Iranian government, which established a website outside the app where channel administrators must register.“Our rules are the same for any country, including Iran and other countries in the Middle East: We do not share data with governments, and we do not engage in political censorship,” Telegram spokesman Markus Ra said.

In the past, Telegram says it has fought back against the Iranian government’s request to hand over user data and move its servers to Iran.

The approach sets up a potential conflict between Silicon Valley firms eager to protect their products and an agency stung by the radical transparency...

(Associated Press)In addition, applicants are required to add an automated bot to their Telegram channel as a co-administrator.

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