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The u Know Kids dashboard allows you to quickly review photos and focus in on the images that need your parenting attention.While some social networks are monitored carefully and have taken precautions to stop adult predators and cyberbullying (We love you Club Penguin!Parents will often allow their children to use their cell phones to watch videos, play games, etc.While searching through the phone, a child or adolescent could accidentally come across private photos that are of an adult nature, or any other data that parents would prefer their children not see.

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If you have an i Phone or i Pad and you’re looking for the ultimate app to hide text messages, and more, then here are some top choices: There are many reasons why a person may want to hide text messages on their cell phones.

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“Features such as monitoring apps, messages, and calls just aren't feasible on i OS—or so we thought. In short, u Know Kids will help you focus on the most important status updates, posts, comments, photos, and direct messages, so that you can step in as a parent when necessary.

If you don’t want your lover to find evidence in your phone regarding your secret girlfriend or boyfriend, then one of these apps could help you keep your affair secret.

While, of course, we don’t condone this, it is one reason people use such apps.

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