Mtvs next dating show

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and everytime i hear about this show, that's all i can think of...i just happened to land on it... for my five minute brush with this i doubt ill look for it evr again.and so player guy was on (about to be booted) walking around with a cane and money rings. blind date is better ;)mtv's NEXT is a horrible dating show that i keep getting sucked into late at night when i can't sleep.

i just can't bring myself to watch it (other than the fact it's yet another TV show on a music video channel) but anyways.. i guess you could say neighborhood whore, came over to a friends house..the people on this show are either weird or ridiculously full of themselves. on one show, a girl took her daters to have the fertility of their sperm analyzed, then babysat with them so see how good they were with children. is a true gem, I can’t help but reminisce about the multitude of reality dating competition shows I watched as a tweenager.The catch is that the dater can say “NEXT” to any date at any time.The action inside of the RV is filmed as well, giving the contestants a chance to debrief their dates (if they’re nexted) slash talk about all the dumb stuff people talk about on reality TV.

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