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I will attach a few pics here of Sveta and also of our time in Oman. In reality she’s been married to her career and works ridiculously long hours and has to-date seen 86 countries in the world through travel and work. My hope Bill is that by the end of January I will own both businesses outright and have a new future with a special lady.Due to recent changes with my Franchisee (ABC), I won’t be able to come back to the Ukraine for a period of time (i.e. All in all, I’m happy with how thing are progressing and am really look forward to coming back to seeing you and Larissa as soon as possible.I must say that I really enjoyed my time in the Ukraine. I got to meet and make friends with some fantastic folks.The kindness and care shown by yourself, Larissa and teachers touched me.Donna will spend a week or two training Nancy and then move to Brisbane to commence her new job etc., and be closer to the kids.To our credit we’ve remained good friends and have a healthy respect for each other.He was more than happy to share his thoughts, experiences and gratitude.He is a nice guy that just wants to find the woman who is searching for him.

My advice to anyone is that it simply takes time and consistency to form new friendships.

Over the past ten years, Larisa and I have met with and helped hundreds better understand the process of cross cultural relationships. We enjoyed Sam’s Nikolaev visit and the opportunity to help.

When Sam sent me the following letter, I wrote him back and asked if I could share his letter with my readers.

His sole purpose was to get to know a lady he had corresponded with for some time.

That friendship failed to materialize but, with Sam’s positive attitude towards life, he was able to create more friendships than he could have possibly imagined or expected. He spent time with many people in both Nikolaev and Odessa.

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