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Sediments of the New Zealand Geosyncline form the oldest rocks in the North Island.

Two main groups of rocks can be identified from this period: the Torlesse supergroup on the east mostly made up of greywacke with only very few fossils.

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At the end of this period a new rift valley formed between Australia and Antarctica and the sea floor spreading still continues. The Kaikoura Orogeny, Miocene to Quaternary period (24 million years ago to modern) Due to the new spreading ridge between Antarctica and Australia there was a build up of strain in the southwest Pacific crust that led to vertical and transcurrent fault movements.

It was the beginning of the area that is now known as New Zealand and was just off the coast of Gondwana.These seafloor rocks can be seen today at Dun Mountain, West Dome and Red Hills in the Nelson region of the South Island.The orogeny deformed the sediments deposited during the earlier sedimentation period differently: the western rocks in open simple folds, whereas the eastern block was much more severely deformed, commonly in a stack of folds with complex faulting. The break-up, Cretacous to Oligocene period (99 to 24 million years ago) This period is characterised by a long period of weathering and erosion of the mountains that were formed during the preceding orogeny, so much so that some places were reduced to so called , that is areas of low relief.This is due to New Zealand's modern position on the boundary of the Australian and the Pacific Plates.The collision of these plates caused the Pacific plate to subduct underneath the Australian plate which carries the North Island.

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