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In other words, the study’s finding that 25 percent of American women in their 40s have been raped doesn’t include all of the behaviors that could be considered sexual assault or rape, which is defined by the Department of Justice as sexual penetration of any kind.As a result, this study is “likely to underestimate total assault, potentially by a large fraction,” the researchers write. The less higher education you have, the more likely you are to be raped.The researchers theorize that this might be due to the general characteristics of people who go to college, plus the resources available to them once they get there.For example, people who go to college tend to come from families that are more educated and wealthier, which has been linked to lower risk of sexual violence.Instead, “at the national level, this is strong evidence that programs to assist those who are not in college deserve substantial attention,” they say., which asks a similar question about verbal pressure and sexual assault.It, too, found that verbal pressure – not just intoxication, as is often assumed – was an important form of coercion among undergraduates.

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Men are asked whether they had ever been coerced into vaginal sex with a woman, and anal or oral sex with another man.

It’s used to inform health education and programs, and it’s a primary source of statistics on marriage and divorce rates in the United States.

But it also asks questions that provide information about people’s experiences with rape, and because it’s a high-quality government survey, it can give us new insights into national sexual assault trends.

That dozens of women have come forward so publicly to share their experiences with sexual violence is all the more astonishing because the vast majority of victims never report the crime.

Sexual assault is notoriously hard to quantify but it happens everywhere – in farm fields, on the night shift and in the military. According to a new data analysis from researchers at the University of Michigan, by the time American women are in their mid-40s, a quarter of them will have been raped at some point in their lives. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention known as the National Survey of Family Growth.

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