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It is possible that the floor was not insulated and this will make it a much colder room.To sort this out you’d really need to take up the floor and replace it with insulation.I think the system works well, as this way you can then find out what the other users friends think of them, instead of just a normal profile written by them.We all know it matters to us what our friends think of our chosen partner and this site enables you to get the real picture by the people that know them the best.If like me you have friends that like to play practical jokes and you are worried what they will write, fear not because everything that is written down or any photos, have to have your consent before it can be published.You either have the options of searching, for free, all the available singles yourself, or if you’re a friend that is doing it for someone then you can ‘bookmark’ profiles, called matchmaking, and store them in a folder for your friend to browse and narrow down your search with a simple click of a button if there is no interest.With the clear and concise text and fun icons it makes the site reasonably easy to use.

But the mum-of-four doesn't believe people can be matched using statistics, and has recently been involved in a tongue-in-cheek protest promoting "dates not data"."People aren't compatible because they both like yellow socks and both drink lattes instead of cappuccinos," says Sarah. You'll be sure to bag yourself a Valentine's date in time, if not more than one! Why not arrange a group date for a couple of people? Don't heap pressure on yourself to have the ultimate romantic night. Valentine's is all about having fun so go out and do something different.5. Thanks, Carol Sarah Beeny says:“As long as the doors or windows are really well made and double glazed they should be pretty efficient – no glazing is ever quite as efficient though as a solid cavity wall with really good insulation.In short don’t skimp on the joinery or its fitting and you should be ok with using the doors and windows you want to for the aesthetics of the room.”Insulating a kitchen extension Dear Sarah, We have had a house extension to give ourselves a bigger kitchen.

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