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Along with Kegel exercises and taking herbal supplements, certain vitamin and mineral supplements may help prevent and/or alleviate pelvic prolapse.Symptoms that cannot be relieved with non-invasive natural remedies may require surgical intervention.However, women considering surgery for the repair of pelvic organ prolapse should study their options carefully.Procedures that use transvaginal mesh products to reinforce damaged pelvic tissues have caused serious complications in thousands of women, often leading to painful and debilitating symptoms.

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O anzol utilizado é da marca “VMC” tipo CHINO número 1.

Raspberry leaf, comfrey and especially horsetail (equisetum) are all good choices for rebuilding connective tissue. Gotu kola helps to increase blood flow to ligaments to maintain their integrity.

If you experience incontinence because of ligament weakness, try couch grass to strengthen your bladder sphincter.

Mesh erosion is the most common problem seen with these devices, which can lead to mesh protrusion through pelvic tissues, organ perforation and chronic infection.

Many of these women must have revision surgeries to remove the mesh and correct damage caused by these devices. Non-mesh surgeries are effective in treating most cases of POP and involve a lower risk of complications.

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