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Tiffany is an unassuming woman and it took some encouragement from me for her to realise how much erotic pleasure her experiences would yield.

If you enjoyed this account do please write to let us know so I might encourage Tiffany to relate some more about herself and her lesbian desires. Tiffany, can you remember when you first realised you were turned on sexually by other women? Sorry I cannot give a specific age - it sorta just sprung up on me - but I would say it was around 19.

At night I used to lie in bed running my hands over my growing breasts and stroking and fingering my pussy thinking about some sexy woman I'd seen and wondering if she'd be open to lesbian sex. I couldn't help but stare at her, she was so beautiful.

Although I was interested in guys and had a lot of male crushes at that time, still my mind always wandered to women. The lines were long and the store was packed - but for some reason she stood out more than others.

We spoke a long time and increasingly flirted with each other. We were sitting close together and, well, my arousal rose like never before with every minute she was close to me.

She suggested that we meet up again for coffee, which we did on two or three occasions. She fixed her attention on me completely, leaning across to look deeply into my eyes, only shifting her gaze from time to time to my breasts.

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