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Hey everyone, I am originally from Perth and have lived here for 23 of my 25 years. I know the town has a population of 60,000 and is a popular tourist destination. Questions are: Can anyone who lives there give me a run down of how things flow there and what there is to do. I went to Fraser Island many years back and it was quite nice. It is like others have said a high unemployment area and a high population of retiree's.

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When the tide goes out in Hervey Bay it really goes out! TBH if I were you I would look for contracts/locums around regional WA rather than cross all the way to QLD into Hervey Bay. Although Hervey Bay is a coastal town it is no where near the beauty of coastal towns back in WA.Well worth a visit.) My memory could be off here but is the hospital in Pialba? Having done the whale thing and restaurants really wasn't much left.That isn't that bad an area, I like Torquay but haven't been there in awhile. If you enjoy a beer go to the Beach House on the esplanade, Scarness, always people there up for a chat or a game of pool. If not into the whole outdoorsy/camping/fishing thing it could get tedious. Noticed that there doesn't seem to have been much thought on the planning on the way Hervey Bay has developed, there is no city center as such and the shops are set up higgley piggely, I guess if you are there for a while you could figure it out but we found it confusing.I find Hervey Bay on the 'boganish' side, even the main shopping mall looks depressing and full of people seemingly from the 'lower social economic status'.Moved back to VIC after 5 years in the Bay as kids finished High school and there are limited job opportunities and they wanted the bigger study choices that Melb has to offer.

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