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” “Because I felt that the contract was legalistic, voyeuristic, and controlling.

I felt like it was putting them in the place of God, determining when my heart was right or repentant enough. I knew that I’d done wrong, which is why I brought what I’d done into the light.” Pastor X responded to Andrew’s email: ****If this is your decision, you need to know you are leaving as a member under discipline not as a member in good standing.

Busch and his legal team painted Driscoll as both a jilted ex and a cold-blooded assassin who once claimed a female CIA operative from the film 'Zero Dark Thirty,' about the hunt for Osama bin Laden, was partly based on her.

Michael Doncheff, who was once a personal assistant to the couple, also said Driscoll claimed she was a trained killer for the US government, saying she once told him, 'I take down foreign governments.

This post is the continuation of Part One: Mark Driscoll’s Church Discipline Contract.

After receiving a “church discipline contract” from Pastor X, Andrew offered no response for a week. One of Andrew’s friends was getting married and since he wanted to make sure he could attend the wedding, keeping his response under wraps until after the ceremony was necessary. “And so, I witnessed unwanted visitors being escorted off the property all the time.

**UPDATE**A source close to the situation informed me that 1) this letter is real and that it’s posted at The City and 2) that it was sent to a select membership of the Mars Hill Ballard campus. And all of those topics are valid for discussion, disagreeing, and sometimes poking fun at. Listen, I know what it feels like to get kicked out of a church. But even that little church of people on the Eastern Shore of Maryland didn’t seek to control how members were to treat us (though most of them knew how to do that on their own).If team members asked Busch questions as innocuous as where to park the golf cart or what groceries to buy, he'd always say, "Check with Patricia." She'd monitor his home security system to see when he came and went; Busch would later say she made him feel under surveillance. People wondered, What kind of person would fall for someone who claims to be an assassin -- and what kind of person claims to be an assassin? They were two adrenaline junkies, and they seemed to understand each other on a level only they could appreciate -- even after he'd have a bad race and would disappear for days and "drink himself to death," Driscoll would later say; even when he was on antidepressants and became frustrated that the pills that improved his moods also hampered his driving. Driscoll would later testify that he assaulted her at his home in North Carolina -- she never elaborated, and Busch denied it -- and that he ran out of the house, hiding somewhere."I am afraid that the cops are sitting there waiting for me," he allegedly texted her. She still wanted to get married, and as their relationship went on, she grew accustomed to her lifestyle and the attention that came with it, according to Billy Young Jr., a close friend.Someone who knows the couple well says that Busch, like many drivers, had spent his life "led around and told what to do by handlers.Patricia filled that role, and he dutifully followed her lead." She managed his schedule. She spoke on his behalf to reporters and tweeted from his account. They would talk about their dreams, of leaving behind all the racing BS and opening a bar in Costa Rica.

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