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Putting aside the specifics of the performance involved, it's hard to distinguish between the two jobs.They're both forms of online labour based around cultivating and monetising a personal following.This contrasts with the more risqué outfits and darker makeup she wears while camming.Morbid occasionally has to remind her Twitch stream viewers that she isn't there to discuss her occupation and that she won't tolerate anything too vulgar in the chat.Monroe feels that cam sites typically have a better sense of what the performer wants in terms of payouts, customer service and reliability, and that they're better at ensuring audience accountability.As an example, she cites receiving false Pay Pal payments from Twitch viewers which she was not covered for.The platform itself is owned by someone else, and that proprietor makes money off ads and transaction cuts.

Earlier this year, Twitch rolled out the Affiliate Program, which presents a large proportion of streamers with an in-platform way to monetise their channels.

Monroe currently receives tips from her streaming outside of the bits system but says that she doesn't make much from it.

As a result she doesn't consider it work in the same way as camming, and treats it mostly as a leisure activity.

Under the new system, viewers buy "Bits" from Twitch, then use them to "Cheer" a streamer.

The cheered streamer gets $US0.01 per bit, which cost about $US0.013 to buy from the platform.

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