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”XBIZ’s Miller sees the profile of cams and cam girls only growing going forward.

“The girls are only going to get more creative in their engagement as the culture emerges. There is room for more growth as the technology improves and the major players become more branded.

This option is 100% private and discreet and you will not have to share your Skype or Face Time ID.

All you need is a Google Chrome browser installed on your desktop or mobile device.

***As intimate as cams can be, one of the key appeals is just how much is kept private.

Little Red Bunny says she is a native English speaker though she has a distinct and heavy French accent. But you will have to take her word on that, as she says she is too busy to meet a reporter IRL. Once I had a bed, I had a good feel to move around because yoga is a lot work on the floor.” When she started out she never studied other girls on cams.

This is just becoming part of the consumer consciousness.”Though she is starting to get offers, Little Red Bunny has no interest in parlaying her newly won honors into a porn career.

When you spend hundreds of hours online competing for attention any detail that compels interest is hard to surrender “You aren’t going to write I have a French accent? “But I never had any background in porn or stripping or any of that.” She got her start five years ago after she lost a straight job and was looking for something different. It is always in my own bubble.”Meanwhile, on another site, you can watch a young lady who calls herself Aella downing a half dozen shots before getting naked to strap on an accordion.

And, the new Sex Awards (currently airing on Showtime) launched late last year with a prize for “Best Web Cam Girl.” Little Red Bunny won both these inaugural prizes.

Paul Fishbein, co-producer of Sex Awards (as well as the founder of AVN), says that about 100 cam girls were nominated for the prize and about 70,000-75,000 online votes were cast in the first round.“She came out of nowhere,” Fishbein says of Little Red Bunny’s victory.

Ophelia hoists up two bags of toys at the foot of the bed, explaining each is used for a different entrance. Decked in lacy lingerie her public tease dancing emphasizes her, um, flexibility.

“It isn’t always sexual,” she tells me in her French accent on Skype. Most nights, all night, you can go online and join 2,000 to 3,000 others watching this striking redhead known as Little Red Bunny burlesque dance to vintage music. For .99 to .99 per minute you can buy private time in her chatroom.

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