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Multiple burials are common in the areas where they were found.

What is most interesting is that from 35 to 10 thousand years ago, there was no differentiation by sex or age in burials.

As we have noted, it was formerly thought by paleontologists that Neanderthal morphed into Cro-Magnon, and that Cro-Magnon was the progenitor of human beings as we know them today.

However, aside from the problems of the Eve Hypothesis, there are serious problems with the assumptions about when modern human types actually appeared on Earth.

What this amounts to is saying that the explosion of culture in the Upper Paleolithic times did not happen earlier because other modern men didnt have the brains to make it happen.

, they are certainly Neanderthal like in their stone tools.

Try as they would, there is simply was no way to prove that Cro-Magnon evolved in Africa or the Levant and then moved to Europe.They were the first to leave extensive works of art, such as cave paintings and carved figures of animals and pregnant women.Huge caves lavishly decorated with murals depicting animals of the time were at first rejected as fake for being too sophisticated.The Cro-Magnon type man was also the originator of such abstract concepts as time.They marked time by lunar phases, recording them with marks on a piece of bone, antler or stone.

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