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Once plucked, a cherry represents the loss of innocence and virtue.A cherry tasted, its flesh pierced by appetite, is a virgin no more.The Celtic Cross is well represented in the Book of Kells and other manuscript illustrations - many of them religious texts - and carved stone crosses with the familiar intertwined lines and zoomorphic figures of Celtic art...more - Celtic knot designs while at first and foremost decorative on the surface, are at their roots very culturally significant and deeply symbolic. Celtic tattoo designs are primarily a genre of complex interwoven lines representing knots, mazes, spirals and other figures.It was originally meant to convey ownership and was also meant to deter theft.

Branding is about identification, a brand is a mark or symbol of identity.more - Certain fruits have strong fertility symbolism, and a deep red, ripe, juicy cherry is no exception.The cherry has come to represent chastity and purity as the fruit ripens on the tree.Other variations show a staff entwined with twin serpents, topped with a pair of wings, or a winged sun and no snakes.Originally, those twin snakes may have been ribbons attached to the wings, eventually evolving into serpents...

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