Status validating the destination file paths

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The one search-and-replace that you are likely to have to do is the rename of the granny_dag_pose_cache to just granny_pose_cache, along with it's associated APIs.

While I believe this build is stable, it is the first in the 2.9 version series, and so out of an excess of caution, I'm marking it as "pre-release" to emphasize that if you have a deadline approaching, we do not recommend that you take up this version without thinking long and hard about it, and talking to us. release 2011/08/05 Quick turnaround to make the LOD sampling available in the runtime, as well as correct two high priority problems, the blend culling and the loop in the loading code.

We always try to minimize sweeping UI changes like this, but in this case it needed to be done.Anyone not currently interacting with morph targets or their animation can treat this as a normal release. release 2012/10/16 Small release because there is a large morph-related change coming in the next version.Support was added for Windows Phone 8 and Win RT, Android, 64bit i OS, and Linux X64. release 2015/05/26 release 2012/11/02 Small release to preview and test the new morph target functionality in the Animation Studio.

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