True stories of dating violence

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That means more than half of all women have been harmed by their partner. After all, as women, we're clearly no longer second-class citizens, so dependent on men's earnings and support that we must put up with brutal relationships simply because we have no choices.

We have more choices than ever—and men are surely more enlightened. To honor the one-year anniversary of Yeardley Love's death, we're encouraging women to talk about relationship violence—both to ask for help and to offer it without judgment.

And the day that Hubbard was sentenced to 10 years in prison and the details of Briggs' abuse went on record, Duymovic was there, cheering her on.

As Briggs says today, "Shea was my angel."Duymovic in the United States by someone they're involved with.

D., who headed the acclaimed National Violence Against Women Survey 10 years ago.

Over in the sports world, at least three players in the NFL alone were accused of domestic violence last year.Dazed, she had agreed to Hubbard's order to go to work, fake the stomach flu and return home with him.She was huddled over the toilet when her manager, Shea Duymovic, pushed her way into the stall and sat on the floor.Not long before sunrise on a Midwestern Friday, college student and part-time waitress Alexandra Briggs sat in her one-bedroom apartment, meticulously applying thick makeup all over her face, neck and arms.It took two coats to cover her boyfriend's teeth marks and the cigarette burns he'd inflicted, along with her newly purpling bruises; her pants hid the spot on her thigh where he'd stabbed her with a fork. "I'm sick," she told her boss as she clocked in and headed to the restroom.

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