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Two are Snapmirrored hot/cold (A/B) and the third is a Snapvault destination (C).They want to be able to failover from A to B, reverse the Snapmirror to go from B to A, and then re-source the Snapvault to pull from the new prod data center (in this case, B).During scan to folder delivery the operating system copies the file via UNC path while negotiating the transport with the latest SMB version it and the client support.As long as your server and client machines are running a recent enough operating system (Windows Vista/Server 2008 or better) everything will be fine if you turn off SMBv1 support.

There are special considerations for PUT and POST calls that process multiple items.

By default, saves the scanned jobs to User’s home folder.

It is possible to save scan and XML files to a subfolder under the users home folder. If it is not set, the top level users home folder is used.

It is not scanning the files to the user’s home folder. When setting up Scan to Home folder, you need to make sure that Application service is running under an administrative account that has write access to the user’s home folder.

Detailed information on how to run the service under an administrative account is given here.

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