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One certainty regarding Millenium Club is that it was founded by Cahyadi and Haryadi Kumala, who are also the owners of Sentul City and the Golden Boutique Hotels.

In the latest news, they were imprisoned by the KPK in a corruption case (see here).

This is a way to minimize the investment cost, to spread the risks and to help with the promotion.

Each of the owners brings his network of friends, family, strategic connections and partners to support the business and to make it grow.

A source working at Diageo Indonesia (PT Dima) told me that the Alexis Group is their biggest client and that Mr. Rudi Susanto (also called Rudi Rajamas) is the official owner of the Stadium Group.

He is the face that the employees can see and they call him Pak Rudi.

After winning Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, there's no argument CJ Anderson, Chris Harris Jr., and Brandon Marshall know how to play football! Chelsea Handler hates masturbation - but we love it!

There isn't much information available about them apart that they are badminton fans.The son of Ibnu Sutowo, Adiguna Sutowo, is worth mentioning.He is a convicted criminal who shot to death a waiter of a club he owned (Fluid in Sultan Hotel, ex-Hilton, see here).The only person to fit the description would have been Ibnu Sutowo but he died a few years before the Stadium opened.Still, you will see below that the Sutowo clan has a link to Classic Hotel Group, which is linked to several Gang of Nine figures.

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