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Discharge from the corpses affects the growth of nearby orchids, which are picked by the mother / daughter team of E&P Exotics – the company that supplies the plants used by the thief.This trauma in the pig world is felt by human Kris and Jeff, who become disoriented and paranoid.I’ve actually read Walden but it was so long ago that I don’t have anything to bring to the table here.I saw and a bunch of other sci-fi that doesn’t really feel like sci-fi.

The Sampler “helps” Kris by performing a procedure that removes the slugs from her body and places them into a pig. Months later, having lost her house and her job and with no memory of why, Kris has put her life back together somewhat. Their current behaviour can also be manipulated by The Sampler.

Their memories are blending; Kris remembers things that happened to Jeff, and shows up at his workplace, not knowing where she is.

Jeff witnesses her Thoreau-pool ritual and they figure out that the source text is Walden.

, the second feature from Shane Carruth (director of Primer).

It’s an exceptional film for many reasons, one of which is how willfully obtuse it is.

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